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At LILIT HIRSCH we believe that our era suffers profound changes, which do not only include the risk of crisis, but foremost an opportunity for the whole planet. Locate in a rural, semi-arid area, we observe the great potential developed by those regions all around the globe. During the boom of new technologies and globalization a new generation of peoples has grown up, the Millenials. Amongst them, especially the Rural Millenials show us a new vision on the relationship between life an business. LILIT HIRSCH is confident that those rural areas will play a mayor role in this 21st Century.


In order to support the positive development of rural areas, especially the one where LILIT HIRSCH has its headquarter, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, we design services and products that promote the creation, management, innovation and sustainability of enterprises.

Lilit Hirsch is dedicated to improving the competitiveness of the rural economies of the world’s arid areas, with special focus on the small and medium enterprises of Castilla-La Mancha (CLM). Lilit Hirsch offers business services that require intensive knowledge (KIBS) and specialized human capital. We also created specific models for the sustainability of the rural environment as an alternative to the city, taking into account the ecosystems and the social complexity of these environments.

Lilit Hirsch’s main objective is to become a reference for projects that require complex cooperation networks and high-level multilateral negotiations in the CLM region.


All the activities of LILIT HIRSCH emerge from our shared values, based on the principles of open source and free competition.