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August 25

Lilit Hirsch KIBS

The growing demand for more specialized services and the profound relationship between various sectors of the agricultural, agri-food, energy and industrial industries in the rural environment prompted a strategic change and a restructuring of the services that LILIT HIRSCH develops. Since 2016, all services are joined under the concept of KIBS – Knowledge Intensive Business Services. These services are no longer oriented towards a specific sector but have a geographic, sociological and geopolitical focus centered on the “Rural Environment” and its reproductive logic.leer >>>
January 25

Investment in Ecosystem Services

Inspired by a Hungarian project, called Göncöl House, in 2015 LILIT HIRSCH created its own initiative to test various concepts and technologies in the field of ecosystem services, under the title Zelahira Farm.leer >>>
March 25

Research in agrifood and energy

The Cooperation in foreign projects with companies from other European countries, and beyond showed that many problems in the agri-food sector were far from being answered. This is why, since 2014, LILIT HIRSCH moved gradually to focus on research; especially on issues of cohesion between consumer behavior, production processes, conservation of the environment and increasing energy demands.leer >>>
July 25

International corporation

En 2009, the exclusive mandate was ended, and some projects in other European countries were accepted, with the hope to find inspiration to solve the local dilemas in ways production and changing markets.leer >>>
July 25

Foreign markets

Wine marketing was still in its infancy in the region of Castilla-La Mancha. Much of the Manchego winemakers, especially the older generation and more traditional businesses, had not yet undergone the industrial change adapting to pull marketing. In many areas, there was still a business logic determined by supply. With the consecutive changes in the Alcohol Laws and Laws of Distillation Aids, accompanied by the economic crisis of 2008-2013, the change in wine consumption that had started some 20 years ago accelerated drastically. But many doubts remained about the business culture and the reasons for the winemakers to resist these changes. When, in 2007, one..Read Moreleer >>>
October 30

Company Constitution

Based on the project present to the Council of the Community of Castilla-La Mancha (IDEA Plan), Tabea Hirzel, founded her first start-up in 2005 with a mere focus on wine marketing with the commercial name LILIT HIRSCH – Fine Wines and Art. Much of the small companies who worked with in a team of 5-7, they organized wine events, analyzed markets and proposed entrance strategies, and gave direct support in wineries’ commercial actions abroad.leer >>>
October 25

IDEA Award

In 2004, Tabea Hirzel moved her residence from Alicante to the province of Ciudad Real, in concrete to the town of Tomelloso, the town with the highest wine production in the world. She soon discovered the differences between the world of wine in Switzerland and that of Spain, her new home, and learned, because she had never heard much about Spanish wines, although they were of excellent quality. The key was in the marketing of these products. For this reason she decided to extend her activity and create a business that could give support in marketing services to the wineries of Tomelloso, and other towns..Read Moreleer >>>
January 25

A passion for wines

Since her earliest age, Tabea Hirzel was attracted by farming and foodbusiness, especially the growth and care of wines, which she observed at her uncles vineyar in a prestigious town at the lake of Zurich, Switzerland. But, the possibilitities for a career in this field where rather limited in Switzerland. By this time Tabea Hirzel was also already captivated by the business culture of international markets and strived for something bigger. She had a slight idea about Spanish wines and a great passion for that country. This is how everything started in 2002, when Tabea Hirzel made the step to leave her country with her..Read Moreleer >>>