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IMEX Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete 2018

On October 17 and 18, an LHG team will participate in IMEX Castilla-La Mancha 2018 in Albacete.

This year our main focus is on the Arab countries Egypt, the Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, as well as in more distant Muslim countries like Iran and Malaysia to promote our line of services and products Ethical Foods Bio Halal.

A second approach we give to the Balkans, meeting with the representatives of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, completing with the country of Eastern Europe Bulgaria, facing the Kosovo Expo next year.

Lastly, we made an appointment with Brazil for logistical issues, as well as Mexico and Japan for our Gourmet Diamonds service line.

We encourage all our clients to approach and meet with us there or take advantage to arrange your own bilateral meetings directly.

All country representatives speak perfectly Spanish or bring a translator. However, if you need advice to choose the most suitable destination markets or prepare your questions, we will be happy to assist or represent you.

Contact Tabea Hirzel, telephone +34 663 093 944.