In harmony with the European Commission’s 6th Framework of Research, LILIT HIRSCH provides KIBS – Knowledge Intensive Business Services, with special focuse on Businesses in Rural Areas.

Those services are characterized for the unique requirements (Muller/Zenker 2001):

  • High demand in professionally trained and technically skilled human resources
  • Intensive interaction between supplier and user
  • Services and products are mostly understood as process
  • Stakeholder focused activity
  • Change driven iniciatives of innovation

At LILIT HIRSCH we distinguish the following service groups:

  • P-KIBS for professional services, including business set-up, arquitecture and management.
  • T-KIBS for technology intensive, i.e. science services, especially connecting people, knowledge and resources, as well as our own research efforts.
  • C-KIBS for computer and IT services, with a strong focus on computers as tools for improving performance and communication.
  • F-KIBS, a term coind by us, which refers to specialized financial services, with strong focuse on global exchange.